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HUD Autonome n'a pas besoin d'ordinateur, pour recycleur

Version avec prise Fischer

HUD-AF is a complete functional HUD-A analogue with connection to standard cable via Fischer-connector.

Technical characteristics:
• Number of measuring channels / indication: 3.
• PO2 measurement accuracy: 0.1 bar.
• Indication: 3 channels with 5 LEDs each.
• Independent indication: 2 LEDs (red and green) with connection to AV1f or AV1eCCR.
• Battery: AAA battery 1.5 V.
• Uninterrupted operation duration: not less than 100 hours.
• Tested depth: 250 meters.
• Calibration: air or oxygen.
• Operation temperatures range: -10 ⁰С..+45 ⁰С
• Dimensions: diameter 24mm, length 80mm.
• Channels’ input impedance: 50 kOhm.